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Energy efficiency is a big concern for many. It’s something that not only affects the environment, but it also affects our wallet. We pay a very high price for windows that are not effectively keeping us safe from the elements. This is apparent in our energy bills, and it can also be experienced as comfort in the home. If your home is always too cold or too hot and heating and cooling never seems to do the job, your windows may be the cause. 

Energy Bills

Energy efficient windows will help keep your home warm and your energy cost low.

The thickness of your glass matters when it comes to protecting you from the elements. If you can feel the temperature outside while standing near your window, you’re probably overspending on heating or cooling. Single pane glass offers very minimal protection from the weather outside. Double or even triple pane glass on the hand, is much more energy efficient.

As a bonus function today, you can get inert argon gas added between the panes of glass to further reduce thermal transfer and improve your energy efficiency. There are also products available that increase energy performance by adding foam between the panes. A professional can assist you with the right windows for you. 

Fade Damage

Windows can provide protection against UV damage to your home’s furniture.

Another aspect of energy efficiency can be seen if the light from your windows is causing furniture or other fabrics within the home to fade. This type of damage is another sign that your windows are not as energy efficient as they could be. This can be remedied by using lowemissivity or Low E-glass coating on your windows. Not only will it increase energy efficiency, but it will also protect your home from UV damage


Drafty windows are not only an energy sucker, but also very uncomfortable. You can use a candle flame to inspect your windows and check for drafts. Gently move the candle around the frame of your windows. If you see a flicker, there’s a draft that’s costing you. You can also check for cracks of light through the frame, using a flashlight. Sealing these issues in the frame will improve energy efficiency, help fix noise issues and make your home more comfortable. 

Moisture and Peeling Paint

Old wooden window frames with rotting wood can let in cold air.

Moisture build-up on wooden window frames can lead to decay and even mold. Frames that are decaying are an obvious way to know that your windows need an upgrade. This kind of damage can lead to leaks, drafts, mold, and structural damage to your home.

Peeling paint is a fast way to see if your windows have water damage and need fixing. Paying attention to your windows can pay off in spades, both as cheaper energy bills as well as in comfort, no matter the season. Having a professional check your windows for cracks, water damage and leaks can greatly improve your energy bills, as can investing in double or triple pane thermal windowpanes.