Protect, before you sign up!


Bamboo VS Tulips

Why wouldn’t you want to plant bamboo? 

The Answer is simple, it’s extremely invasive and spread’s like wildfire. It’s also not entirely good looking for your garden.  Plant Tulips instead! Here’s why?

When you plant bamboo, it grows for life. However, most people would never know. Through the soil is sprouts it’s branches uncontraollably. Ruining your yard and garden. Bamboo is permanent and takes away your control. In fact the only solution would be to completely start a brand new garden. The good news is there is a huge opportunity. 

Email works the same….


Much like bamboo, unverified senders have the power of email. When you sign up without being informed the email is never-ending. Resulting in excessive email and a life of unsubsribing.


When you plant a tulip for the first time. It follows its own beautiful cycle  of life. Shedding pedals and dying off during the colder times of the year only to be reborn agian in the spring exatlty where you left it. They come back the same and never outgrow in numbers. You always can control your tulips

Plant Tulips instead….


Just like Tulips, TrustInform is the good seed that gives you the beauty of control and knowing exactly whats going to happen. Like your own personal garden, the internet should never have control over your own person inbox or personal information.

TrustInform is the new seed to create the tulip.     

From major retailers to smaller niche brands, TrustInform has detailed marketing behavior metrics on thousdands of sites with hundreds more added daily.


Our scoring system simplifies reporting by grouping many complex evaluations into four key areas; Quality, Relevance, Volume and Trust.


some things just can’t be undone. One is endless chains of emails which seem to have no known origin. Overtime TrustInform keeps your inbox pure.


We are currently building plugins for all major browsers, apps for Andriod/IOS, and score badges for site owners that wish to enhance their overall site authenticity.

What’s a good Score? 

What to look for? Here’s the difference. 


• Less than 5 emails per day • Senders are linked directly • Site has been established over time • Won’t give your informaiton to malicious senders • Pasing score is practically A-C depending on preferences


• More than 5 emails per day • Senders are not associated with domain • Senders are not associated with domain • Site age is far to new • Privacy policy doesn’t follow best practices to protect information • Failing score is D-F respectively

Get the plugin!

The Mozilla Firefox extention is our first round of software. East to use and built directly into the browswer. With every new site you visit it displayes the TrustInform Score, number of emails recieved per day, and how many unique senders there are associated with that site.

Always remember, check before you sign up! 🙂