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So many of us rush from activity to activity, we often neglect our health in the process. The weight of this bears down pretty hard when we suddenly realize our body is wearing out and aging before its time.

If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

The age old saying, “if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything” couldn’t be more true in today’s busy world. Luckily, it’s never too late to turn things around. Many of the common issues we face around aging can be reversed if given some attention.

Let’s start by taking a look at these signs your body is aging faster than you are:

1. Wrinkles

Woman with crow's feet wrinkles near eyes

This one is a fairly easy one to spot. If you have more lines than your friends, particularly around the eyes and mouth, it is definitely a sign that your skin is dry and has less collagen. Several things may be the cause, from excess sun, to smoking. Anti-oxidants can be a huge help here as can collagen supplements.

2. Age spots

These are also known as sun spots or liver spots. They generally appear in areas that have had an excess of sun exposure. While they tend to be harmless, they can cause us some cosmetic distress. Various cosmetic procedures may help but ultimately you’ll need to wear sun protection and be careful in the sun.

3. Inconsistent skin coloration

You may find your skin color uneven and that you need foundation more than you did in your earlier years. You may even notice dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Antioxidants like glutathione and NADs can help with the health and youth of your skin. Tremella mushroom is also useful for evening skin tone.

4. Skin Dryness

Sun damage, environmental factors like pollutants and smoking can all exacerbate skin dryness which is a sign of aging. Skin needs moisture as we age and harsh face washing practices may also dry out the skin. Instead, it’s a good idea to focus on hydration and regular moisturizing habits. Drinking enough water is important and taking tremalla mushroom is another way to increase skin hydration.

5. Loss of skin tone

A premature loss of collagen and elastin will cause your skin to sag. The fat and collagen that supports the glowing plumpness of the face can decrease with age and if this is happening for you, supplements can help to combat this.

6. Hair loss

Hair loss may come as a result of hormone imbalance but it may also be caused by decreasing collagen levels and other vital vitamins and minerals. Collagen supplements, multivitamins and ginko biloba may support hair growth. As can lowering stress levels, eating well and having enough antioxidants in your system.

7. Gray hair

Early graying may be genetic but there are also other factors to consider. You may have an autoimmune disorder. High stress levels, environmental pollutants, smoking and hormonal imbalance are also factors that should be considered.

8. Insomnia

This is an unexpected effect of aging. Cortisol is the culprit here, as it rises when we age. Stress can make this a lot more prominent and cause it to occur prematurely. As hormones change and stress rises, sleep can become highly disturbed. Unfortunately this tends to lead to more signs of premature aging so getting sleeping patterns under control is a high priority for reversing the effects of premature aging. Supplements like ashwagandha, holy basil, magnesium and vitamin B complex may help.

9. Muscle loss

A lack of activity may cause premature muscle loss. As can hormone imbalance because testosterone and estrogen both directly relate with the health of the muscles. Hormone imbalances may come from excess stress, processed food and bad sleep. More activity in general will help counteract muscle loss regardless of the cause. Enjoyable low impact exercise or walking for 45 minutes to an hour, 3 – 4 times a week can make all the difference.

10. Stiff joints

The risk of osteoarthritis goes up with age and with muscle loss and weight gain potentially compounding this, it is worth taking the time and energy to decrease your risks. Omega 3s are very beneficial for the joints, as is regular exercise. The best way to combat the stiffness is by staying active.

11. Memory Loss

Brain fog can be a sign of toxic build up and hormone imbalance but there’s an important thing to keep in mind when it comes to the health of your mind. Use it or lose it. Keeping mentally and socially active is the best way to keep your mind sharp. Along with this, a high dose of omega 3s will help to keep your brain healthy. Antioxidants will help clear away toxic build up that may lead to brain fog and supplements like lion’s mane mushroom and ginko biloba may also be a help.

12. Vision problems

Eyes can become weaker with age, in particular when it comes to seeing things close up. If your eyes are feeling more blurry than usual it may be time to do a little detoxing and increase your intake of vitamin A or beta carotene. Be sure to have annual check ups and use glasses when needed. Using UV protection eyewear is also a good idea.

13. Weight gain in the midsection

As the stress hormone cortisol rises, weight gain in the midsection is common. Hormone imbalance in general can lead to weight gain in the midsection. Keeping stress levels down, taking supplements like ashwagandha and holy basil to balance cortisol levels, staying active, eating fruits and vegetables and getting enough sleep are all part of the recipe for combating weight gain in the midsection.

14. Irregular periods

As women’s hormones change, periods can become very unpredictable. Healthy eating and exercise habits along with some good vitamin supplements can help combat this. Vitex or chaste berry, magnesium, vitamin D, omega 3s and vitamin B complex are all must have supplements for women working to keep their menstrual cycles in check.

15. Depression

Weight gain, bad sleep and not feeling like our best selves can cause depression which is a common symptom of aging. This tends to lead to a lack of socialization and activity. This tends to increase the unwanted symptoms and the result can be a vicious circle of declining mental health. Eating healthy, staying active and social is the best remedy for this. Vitamin B and omega 3s can help to boost energy and mood.

Causes of aging may vary, but commonly fall into these categories:

⦿ Stress

⦿ Sun exposure

⦿ HEV light (blue light) exposure from phones and computers

⦿ Smoking

⦿ Lack of exercise

⦿ Unhealthy Diet high in sugar and processed foods

⦿ Alcohol

⦿ Bad sleep

⦿ Exposure to chemicals or pollution


⦿ Lower stress levels

⦿ Get on a healthy sleep cycle

⦿ Eat a 2/3 fruit and vegetable diet

⦿ Take collagen supplements

⦿ Stay Hydrated

⦿ Take antioxidants like glutathione, Vitamin E, NADs and Tremella mushroom

⦿ Take omega 3s

⦿ Cut out processed foods

⦿ Reduce alcohol intake

⦿ Moisturize frequently

⦿ Stop smoking

⦿ Exercise or walk 3 to 4 times a week for 45 minutes at a time

Preventing premature aging starts with self care. Many of the causes are linked through various symptoms. Starting by eating well, getting enough sleep and adequate exercise, lowering stress levels and taking some helpful supplements will go a long way to supporting both beauty and health.