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I never thought I’d be the type of person to try collagen powder.

In fact, I didn’t even know what collagen was until a few months ago when my friend started raving about its benefits. She said it was great for skin, hair, and nail health, and even helped with joint pain.

As someone who’s always been interested in health and wellness, I was intrigued. So, I started doing some research and discovered that collagen is a protein that our bodies naturally produce, but as we age, our collagen production decreases. That’s where the supplements come in.
I decided to give it a try, but I was a little hesitant about the unflavored part. I mean, I love my morning smoothie with all its fruit and yogurt goodness, but the thought of adding a tasteless powder didn’t exactly sound appetizing.
I ordered a tub of the unflavored collagen powder and waited eagerly for it to arrive. When it finally did, I opened the tub and was greeted by a powdery white substance that looked like it belonged in a chemistry lab.
I scooped out a tablespoon and added it to my smoothie, crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t ruin the taste. Surprisingly, I couldn’t even tell it was there. It didn’t add any weird texture or taste, it just blended right in.
I started incorporating the collagen powder into my daily routine, adding it to my coffee, oatmeal, and even soups. And over time, I started noticing a difference in my skin and hair. My complexion looked brighter and more even, and my hair felt thicker and healthier.
It’s been a few months now, and I’m officially a collagen convert. Who knew that a tasteless powder could have such a big impact on my health and beauty routine? I can’t wait to see what other benefits it brings.

It wasn’t long before I started to notice a significant reduction in my joint pain.

I had struggled with joint pain for years, especially in my knees and hips, which made it difficult to do simple things like walking up stairs or going for a walk.

But after a few weeks of taking collagen supplements, I noticed that my joint pain was becoming less frequent and less intense. I could move more easily and with less discomfort, which was a huge relief.

I did some research and discovered that collagen is a key component in our cartilage, which helps to cushion our joints and reduce friction. And again, as we age our bodies produce less collagen, which can lead to joint pain and inflammation.

By taking collagen supplements, I was essentially providing my body with the building blocks it needed to support joint health and reduce inflammation. And it was working.

I was thrilled with the results and felt like I had a new lease on life. I was able to be more active and enjoy the things I loved without the constant pain and discomfort.

I was so pleased with the results of the collagen powder that I decided to do a little more research on the different types of collagen available.


I discovered that there are actually several types of collagen, each with their own unique benefits.
Type I collagen is the most abundant in the body and is found in our skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. This type of collagen is great for promoting skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
Type II collagen is found in our cartilage and is beneficial for joint health. It can help reduce inflammation and improve mobility in those with joint pain.

Type III collagen is often found alongside type I collagen in our skin and organs. This type of collagen is great for supporting gut health and can even improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

I also learned that most supplements contain all three types, so you shouldn’t have to pay too much attention to the type of collagen you have in your supplementI had always thought of collagen as just a beauty supplement, but it turns out it can do so much more than just improve skin and hair health.

I was excited to continue experimenting with collagen and to see how it can improve my overall health and wellbeing. 

As I continued to explore the world of collagen supplements, I couldn’t help but notice that there were so many different brands and types on the market.

It was overwhelming, to say the least.

After some trial and error, I discovered that not all collagen powders are created equal. Some were more effective than others, some just didn’t seem to do much of anything, some didn’t dissolve well and others had a terrible taste!
One thing I learned is that it’s important to look for high-quality, grass-fed collagen that’s free from harmful additives and fillers. I also found that some brands offer flavored collagen powders that can be a nice alternative to the unflavored variety. After trying several brands, I settled on NativePath Pure Grass-fed Collagen Powder. I found they had the highest quality and best bulk deal for both new and existing customers. 
But even with all the different options out there, I still found myself gravitating towards the unflavored collagen powder. It was so versatile and easy to incorporate into my daily routine without affecting the taste of my food or drinks.
And while I was happy with the results I was getting from my collagen supplements, I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any other natural ways to boost my collagen production.
I did some research and found that there are several foods that can help increase collagen production in the body. Some of the top contenders include bone broth, leafy greens, berries, and citrus fruits.
I started incorporating more of these foods into my diet, and I have to say, I did notice a difference in my skin and hair. It wasn’t as dramatic as the results I got from the collagen supplements, but it was still noticeable.
In the end, I realized that collagen supplements can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, but they’re not a magic bullet. Eating a balanced diet full of nutrient-dense foods is still the best way to support overall health and wellbeing. Collagen supplements are, however, the easiest way to add more collagen to your diet.
After a few months of consistently taking collagen supplements and incorporating collagen-boosting foods into my diet, I was feeling pretty good.
My skin was glowing, my hair was shiny, and my joint pain had improved significantly.
But then something happened that made me question everything I thought I knew about collagen supplements.
I went on vacation and forgot to pack my trusty tub of collagen powder. At first, I didn’t think much of it. I figured I could just take a few days off and pick up where I left off when I got home.
But after a few days without my daily dose of collagen, I started to notice a difference. My skin didn’t seem as bright, and my hair wasn’t as shiny. My joint pain was starting to creep back in, and I just didn’t feel as good overall.
I was surprised by how much of an impact the collagen supplements were having on my body. It made me realize just how important it was to stay consistent with my supplement routine.
Of course, I know that one missed dose isn’t going to undo all the benefits of collagen supplements. But it was a good reminder that consistency is key when it comes to taking care of our bodies.
From that point on, I made sure to never leave home without my trusty tub of unflavored collagen powder. It had become a staple in my daily routine, and I wasn’t willing to risk losing all the progress I had made.
I had come a long way since that first hesitant scoop of collagen powder, and I was grateful for the journey. I felt like I had a better understanding of my body and how to support it in a holistic way. I thought maybe one day I’ll be the one raving to my friends about the benefits of unflavored collagen powder–and here I am!
I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any other ways to incorporate collagen into my diet. That’s when I discovered collagen-infused snacks and drinks.
I found collagen protein bars, collagen-infused teas, and even collagen-infused water. It seemed like every health food brand was jumping on the collagen bandwagon, and I was all for it.
I started trying out different collagen-infused products, and I have to say, I was impressed. Not only were they a convenient way to get my collagen fix on-the-go, but they also tasted great.
The collagen protein bars were my personal favorite. They were a perfect mid-day snack that kept me full and satisfied until my next meal. And the fact that they were packed with collagen protein was just an added bonus.
I also enjoyed the collagen-infused teas. They were a nice alternative to coffee in the afternoon, and the collagen helped to support my skin and joint health.

I will say that not all collagen-infused products are created equal. It’s important to read the labels and make sure you’re getting a high-quality product that’s free from harmful additives and fillers. NativePath, the brand I prefer, offers a chocolate flavored collagen that makes a wonderful sugar- and dairy-free creamy hot chocolate!

Pure collagen is harmed by heat, so it’s easy to get more collagen in your diet simply by adding to whatever you’re cooking or baking. Cookies, cakes, soups, stews… you name it! 

Overall, I was happy to have found new and delicious ways to incorporate collagen into my diet. It made my wellness journey even more enjoyable, and I felt like I was doing something good for my body without sacrificing taste or convenience.

As my journey with unflavored collagen powder continued, I found myself becoming more curious about the science behind it.

I wanted to know how this simple supplement could have such a big impact on so many different aspects of my health.

I dove deep into the research and discovered that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and that it plays a crucial role in everything from bone and joint health to skin elasticity and gut function.
I was amazed to learn that as we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen, which can contribute to a wide range of health issues. By taking a collagen supplement, we can help replenish our body’s natural stores and support our overall health and wellbeing.
Armed with this knowledge, I became even more passionate about spreading the word about the benefits of collagen. I started posting about it on social media, and even started a blog where I could share my experiences and insights with others.
To my delight, I started hearing from people who had tried collagen for themselves and had seen similar benefits. It was incredibly rewarding to know that I was making a difference in people’s lives, simply by sharing my own journey.
As I continued to take the collagen powder every day, I found myself feeling better and better. I had more energy, my skin looked brighter and more youthful, and my digestion was smoother than ever before.
It was amazing to think that something so simple could have such a profound impact on my health and wellbeing. I knew that I would be taking unflavored collagen powder for the rest of my life, and I couldn’t wait to see what other benefits it would bring me in the years to come.
While I had found success with incorporating collagen into my diet, I unfortunately didn’t have the same experience with collagen-infused skincare products.
I had heard about collagen serums, moisturizers, and sheet masks, and I was excited to see if they could make a difference in my skin’s appearance. However, after giving them a try for several weeks, I didn’t see any noticeable improvement.
I was disappointed, but I also realized that everyone’s skin is different, and what works for some may not work for others. It’s also possible that the collagen molecules in these products were too large to effectively penetrate my skin’s barrier.
Despite the lack of success with topical collagen, I was still a believer in the benefits of collagen supplements for overall health and wellness. And who knows, maybe in the future there will be new and innovative ways to incorporate collagen into our skincare routines.



As I continued on my collagen journey, I started to think about how it could benefit other areas of my life. That’s when I discovered collagen supplements can also be beneficial for those who lead an active lifestyle, but aren’t necessarily athletes.
When we engage in physical activity, we put stress on our joints and muscles, which can lead to inflammation and soreness. Collagen supplements can help to reduce inflammation and support joint health, making it easier to stay active and mobile.
Incorporating collagen into your diet can also support muscle growth and repair. Collagen contains glycine, which is important for building and repairing muscle tissue. This can help you recover more quickly after a workout and support overall muscle health.
But even if you’re not an athlete, collagen supplements can still benefit your overall health and wellbeing. Collagen supports skin and hair health, gut health, and even bone health.
It’s important to find a high-quality collagen supplement that’s free from harmful additives and fillers. And as with any supplement, it’s not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle, but can be a valuable addition to support your overall health and wellbeing, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle.

As I reflected on my collagen journey, I realized that it had been a learning experience in more ways than one. Not only had I discovered the benefits of collagen for my health and wellness, but I had also learned about the importance of consistency, quality, and sustainability.
I had come a long way from my first hesitant scoop of unflavored collagen powder. I had tried different types of collagen, experimented with collagen-infused snacks and drinks, and even tried collagen-infused skincare products.
Through it all, I had discovered that collagen could benefit so many areas of my life, from my skin and hair health to my joint and muscle health. And while I didn’t see the same benefits with topical collagen, I was still a believer in its potential.
But perhaps most importantly, I had learned that taking care of our bodies and the environment is a continuous journey. It’s about making small, sustainable changes that add up over time.
Overall, my collagen journey had been a positive one. It had opened my eyes to the potential of this powerful protein and had helped me prioritize my health and wellness in a holistic way. And who knows, maybe I’ll even inspire others to give collagen a try and discover its benefits for themselves.

NOTE: I tried several different brands of collagen powder at first but it was NativePath I selected as my brand of choice. Their collagen is grass-fed and hydrolyzed. It always dissolved easily in both hot and cold drinks and it had no strange tastes or smells. In addition to their pure collagen, NativePath also offers several yummy flavors like Wild Berry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean. 

NativePath also had the best bulk deals for both new and existing customers.

Pro tip: start with the pure collagen (because it goes with everything) and be sure to sign up on their email list for special offers on flavored collagen and their other great products.


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