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A healthy libido gives us a spark and a sense of life unlike anything else. Many of us take a healthy libido for granted and when life gets too busy and responsibilities become overwhelming, we barely notice it slip away until it’s too late.

Hormone imbalance may also be a cause of loss of libido. This can happen regardless of age but may be more predominant in peri menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women. Luckily Mother Nature has given us some exciting options when it comes to boosting libido for women.

The following herbs will give a proven libido boost for women that have been vetted by medical studies and are sure to put pep in your step!


This is a herb that has received some extensive research on its effect on the female libido. In one study[1], 30 women received placebos and 30 received 750mg of Tribulus for 4 weeks. The women taking Tribulus showed significant improvement in increased libido after the 4 weeks.


“…findings showed that Tribulus terrestris was effective in improving women’s sex drive…” [1]

Tribulus terrestris for treatment of sexual dysfunction in women: randomized double-blind placebo – controlled study, 2014

The Improvements Include:

  • Huge increase in sexual desire and arousal
  • An increase in vaginal lubrication
  • More orgasms and greater sexual satisfaction

On top of this, Tribulus is a mood enhancer and is known to increase energy and endurance. This is yet another way it can support libido boost for women. The effects seem to begin between one to four months of taking the herb consistently.

Maca Root

Several studies on Maca Root seem to concur that it is beneficial for the libido. One study[2] showed an increase in the libido of 45 women on antidepressants who took 3000 mg of Maca Root every day for 12 weeks. Another study[3] that included 131 participants also saw an increase in libido after 6 weeks.

Maca Root on table
Maca Root

“…maca root may alleviate AISD as women age, particularly in the domain of orgasm.” [2]

A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Maca Root as Treatment for Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction in Women, 2015

Its Benefits Include:

  • Ability to balance hormones
  • Boost libido
  • Increased energy

Since the root has also been beneficial in balancing hormones, even in menopausal women, the effects on the body are supportive on many levels.

This was originally used in the Andes region as a food source and to treat a variety of illnesses. It’s become popular today for the effect it has on the endocrine system as a proven libido boost for women.


Estrogen plays a major role in the female libido. This study shows the herb’s ability to support estrogen function[4] in women. One of the key ways it does this, is by supporting hormone production.

This is an absolutely magical berry. It is an adaptogen that works to bring balance to the adrenal glands, lungs, liver, and kidney function.


“Recent studies showed that [Schisandra] contains several lignans, which may be phytoestrogen.” [2]

Ameliorative effects of Schizandra Chinensis on osteoporosis via activation of estrogen receptor (ER)-α/-β, 2014

Schisandra Has Been Used for Generations to Improve:

Documented Studies Show Its…

  • Ability to fight negative effects of stress
  • Minimize cortisol and inflammation
  • Beneficial effects on the liver and digestion
  • Effectiveness at treating obesity
  • Beneficial influence on the brain and cognitive function as well as the health of the skin

In traditional Chinese medicine, Schisandra is used to increase the water of the genitals. Women who take Schisandra continually report an increase in vaginal secretions, vaginal warmth, and sensitivity as well as more intense orgasms. Effects are said to take place after 100 days, although many report feeling the effects sooner.


In addition to adding a proven libido boost for women to your diet, basic self-care will also be needed. The stress hormone, cortisol, can very quickly put the hormonal system off balance. When this happens, the sex drive can plummet very quickly. No herb or magical formula can help when stress and unhealthy habits have taken over.

Essential steps in ensuring hormone health include:

⦿ Reducing Stress
Meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness may help to reduce stress. Essential oils like lavender, geranium and chamomile may also help to deal with day to day anxiety.

⦿ Getting Enough Sleep
Not enough can be said about the benefits of sleep. It’s often the thing we sacrifice first in our busy schedules and the ramifications can be truly problematic. Yoga, meditation, magnesium, and melatonin can all help to support healthy sleeping habits.

⦿ Eating Well
Getting a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables can immediately work to increase hormone health. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in fruit and vegetables can all work to support hormone function.

⦿ Having a Routine of Enjoyable Physical Activity
In order for our libido to thrive, we need to feel present and alive in our bodies. Engaging in expressive and pleasurable physical activity can not only support your overall health and reduce cortisol levels, but it can also support the vitality of your libido.

Always check with your doctor before making decisions about your health.